Special Events!

BEAT The Record Event!
$5 includes registration gift and copy of your fitness test results.

Come test your skills!  Beat your own record from a previous skills test or beat the record on the wall and get prizes!  This is a fun event to attend each month to track your progress in areas like:
 - How long can you hold a plank?
- How many pushups can you do in a minute?
and more...
April 1st 2017 9:30am
This is good for ALL fitness levels!
register by texting "beat the record" to 435-680-4025

Saturday March 25th 10:30am -12:00pm
Energy Up - will introduce you to the Body Code and Emotion code philosophy made popular by Dr, Bradley Nelson. Bryan Larson has worked as a certified Body and Emotion code Practitioner and will be discussing with us the secrets found within the body and emotion codes and how they can help us restore energy, increase health and change your life! You have nothing to lose except the very things you wish you could change within you.
60 East 100 South - Hurricane, Utah (Phazes Studio)

Saturday March 18th 12:00pm
Meet at Phazes, bring the family.  Hikes are moderate level. 

Monday March 20th $10
Healthy Chicken Chili recipe and cooking tips from Jessica Russo
and My Fitness Pal tips and tricks from Nikki Revis
Pe-registeration required by March 17th.  Come into the studio and reserve a place.

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